Monday, December 8, 2008

One of my favorite trees

I love this vintage plastic tree that I purchased a few years ago. It came in a box with little white bells to put on the branches which is very cute. This year I decided to mix it up and add mini shiny brites in pretty colors. I've also used it for a gumdrop tree...yummy. I think they would be a great item to sell at the store and I'm always telling manufacturers to look into it...maybe someday.

Another favorite vintage plastic tree that I love is owned by my friend Sandi. This year she filled it with cute little cherry tarts that she made.


Cherry's Jubilee said...

OHHHH I just love that cupcake tree! How adorabl.e cherry

Tardevil said...

Love both trees, but I really like what you did w/ the gumdrop tree. Gonna try it!