Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cocktail Rings

Last night my husband and I attended a cocktail party to celebrate my friends 50th birthday. When trying to think of what to wear to the party I knew I must wear one of my cocktail rings. Big rings have become very popular and are so much fun to wear.
Today I went through my broken jewelry and button collection and made a few rings. I made the cameo ring, the black and pearl ring, and the oblong diamond ring. At Joyworks we carry the black plastic ring with lots of diamonds and I'm looking forward to finding more rings at the upcoming shows.
My most favorite ring is the crystal ball ring which I found this holiday season at an antique show. It's quite stunning and will be perfect to wear on New Year's Eve!


mishebe said...

Now there is where my ring is. ( the big one)lol.

Barb said...

Gotta' love those rings!!!!

Great idea since i am jsut putting together a black and white area in my litle store.

What do you use as a base on the ones you make??


Barbara Jean